Instagram Takeover: Young Mee Rim


Whenever we can, we have photographers takeover our Instagram page for a weekend to talk music and show how their photography is #InspiredBySound. This past weekend we had Young takeover. See either our feed or below on how music inspires her photography.

Hello all! I’m Young and will be taking over Grado’s account this weekend for the Inspired By Sound series. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I study Natural History Conservation. I am hugely inspired by nature and its sounds in addition to always having headphones over my ears when leaving my apartment and cycling through the city. In that sense, I tend to stay very much in my own head ☺️ I try to go on little road trips to the countryside with friends as much as possible as it calms me down to get away from the busy city streets. I have no guilty pleasures and prefer listening to pop tunes while driving and singing along loudly. Last weekend it was Danish duo @nikandjay on repeat, and I think I’ve managed to convince more than one of my friends of their excellent qualities of adding to a great time on the road. Even my Canadian friend @mikestinson who took this photo of me in Alberta! I pestered him with these amazingly ridiculous tunes while we drove around Vancouver last summer and they were the best times ✨ – @youngmeerim x #InspiredBySound

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The first time I went to Iceland @sigurros had just released Kveikur – an album that really brought me back to them after not having listened to them for many years. The raw opening of Brennisteinn and the soft swooney Hrafntinna will always connect me to the other-worldly Icelandic landscapes and how its made my heart burn and long many times since then. I first saw the band live back in 2000 when they opened for Radiohead here in Copenhagen. It was the day before my birthday and I fell in love with them. Now I’m just waiting for an opportunity to catch them after my re-connection since last they played near me in Malmö, I was so caught up in school work I forgot I had tickets to see them – @youngmeerim x #InspiredBySound

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