Mashable Names Grado In The Top 8 Most Social Small Companies in America

Some quick backstory, Grado Labs has only relied on word-of-mouth and hasn’t payed for advertising since 1964. Will Grado ever advertise? Who knows. We’re not anti-advertising, but word-of-mouth has always been so strong that there’s never been a need to. In the past two years we went social for the first time, starting off with a Facebook and Twitter page. Who knew we’d ever be recognized for it?

Today, Mashable named us in their “Top 8 Most Social Small Companies in America”. We could not be more honored! The reason we plugged (ha) into social in the first place was because we’ve never been able to talk to our community so quickly. Now we can’t imagine ever going back! Mashable said that we have a “close-knit community, gorgeous utilization of imagery and overall engagement strategy.” See? You guys and gals are a part of that.

Thanks you for helping us get here! Let’s see how much better it gets in the next two years.