Grado Artist Series 1: Winner & Entries

You’ve blown our headbands off

We had been planning a Grado Artist Series for a while now, and happy that our first one got to be a collaboration with FiftyThree. At first the 1,600 made us do a double take…that’s more entries than we ever expected. We then saw the quality of the art, and that’s what really impressed us. You’ll see a lot of the entries below, but we wanted to give a special shout out to the winner of the Grado SR225e, FiftyThree Pencil, limited art/bio card in 500 Grado boxes, and a 24×36 inch print of their art. That artist is Qing Yu. Below you’ll find the winning art piece, its printing process, other entries, and more.

Grado Labs Artist Series FiftyThree Entries48

Other Great Entries