Grado Spotted in Gilmore Girls 14 Years Later

We saw a few Gilmore Girls episodes during its initial run on WB/CW, but there are definitely fans out there that have seen more than us. It had been awhile since we thought about the show, until Netflix put every episode online. After it could be streamed we started getting messages saying we were seen on the show. Coincidently the new season, starts in a few days too. Grado hasn’t advertised since 1964, so we’ve never paid for product placement. When we end up in movies and shows, we’re finding out right when you tell us. It’s been happening more and more recently, with Empire and Mozart in the Jungle to name a few. We geek out every time we find out, even if it is 14 years later.

Grado Headphones in Gilmore Girls with Adam Brody

Gilmore Girls – Application Anxiety (Season 3, Episode 3). Thanks to Rosalyn, Anna, and everyone else for the heads-up!