“It can compete with and even best cartridges that cost $10,000 − $12,000.” [Statement 2 Review]

Our family put a lot of work into the Statement 2 phono cartridge, and couldn’t be more proud of this recent review. We’ve placed an excerpt below, but you can read the thorough Audiophilia review in whole here. These kind words really mean a lot to us, it’s amazing that we can still hand build cartridges here in Brooklyn for sixty-four years after we started.

Statement 2 Review Excerpt

Grado Labs advised at least 50 hours (playing time) of burn in for the Statement v2. But right from the start I noticed some significant positive sound qualities:

  • A dead quiet/black background
  • A surprising lack of surface noise (including even pops and clicks and such) that was remarkable
  • An authentic/natural sound for acoustic music with lovely harmonics and rich with textures

Very impressive.

After about 40hrs of burn in I was rewarded by a noticeable increase in the overall body of the sound, and an enlarged soundstage. Along with that came deep bass, ample air and articulate high ends–the midrange was no longer alone. I became increasingly enamored with classical music with this cart, because of its so true expression of timbre and textures. In fact (truth be told), I spent almost all of my listening with the Statement v2 in this review on classical music–it impressed me in that genre so much. I found myself increasingly bringing out into the living room–and letting remain there–various LPs from my past that before had been kept in the closet.

Now, I have heard some expensive cartridges on others’ audio systems and at Audio Shows, including the Lyra Atlas, Ortofon MC Anna, among others. I do believe the Statement v2 is competitive with cartridges well above its $3, 500 price.

Recently I visited the home of Harry Weisfeld of VPI Industries, at an event, and coincidently noted that he had the same cartridge on a VPI Titan turntable (and I got to hear it; it sounded outstanding). He was still experimenting with appropriate settings. Now (2 weeks later) as I was ending the writing of this review, I called him and asked him what he now thought of the Statement v2. He was still using it, and this is what he said:

“It is beyond belief that this cartridge at only $3, 500 can compete with and even best cartridges that cost $10, 000 − $12, 000.”

The Grado Labs Statement v2 is a highly unusual cartridge that displays remarkably low surface noise and distortion, addictive natural sound for acoustical instruments, including lovely harmonics, a fine sound stage and wide dynamic range. At $3, 500 it favorably competes with carts well above its price point. If you are careful in choosing an appropriate phono stage to run it, you will be richly rewarded. And one need not spend a fortune on a phono stage that will work well with it.

As I write, I am listening to Bartok (EMI, 1979 2-LP set from France), ‘pour les enfants’, Michel Beroff on piano, using the Statement v2 while sitting on the couch with my young daughter, the same one who is perhaps responsible for this review and she is as enamored with the live and natural sound of the piano as I am. Is the Statement v2 fit for a King? I think so.