Instagram Interviews Jonathan Grado

“I’ve never almost choked on my food and been so honored at the same time.”

Instagram has posted an interview with Jonathan Grado on their @music feed and their blog. Below you can check out the post embeds as well.

Growing up, Jonathan Grado (@jongrado) kept his dad’s profession to himself. “It kind of became this thing where I didn’t tell anyone about it,” says the 24-year-old New York native. So what was the big family secret? Audio equipment. Launched by Joseph Grado (Jonathan’s uncle) out of his home in 1953, the goal of Grado Labs (@gradolabs) was to create high-quality phonograph cartridges. In 1991, they began making headphones, which have since become a cult favorite among audiophiles — impressive considering the business hasn’t used advertising since 1964. “We came out with a new line of headphones in the summer of 2014. When Christmas came, we were nine weeks back-ordered,” says Jonathan. “Fortunately, we’re still that busy. We’ve just gotten more efficient.” Photo by @jongrado

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