Instagram Takeover: Andrew Kearns

@andrewkearns DOES #INSPIREDBYSOUND TAKEOVER, February 5, 2016

Whenever we can, we have photographers takeover our Instagram page for a weekend to talk music and show how their photography is #InspiredBySound. This past weekend we had Andrew Kearns takeover. See either our feed or below on how music inspires his photography.

#InspiredBySound Takeover by @andrewtkearns Hey guys, Andrew here. Stoked to be taking over the account for the weekend and share how I’m #InspiredBySound. I love music, in fact I almost majored in it so I’m excited to share how it has correlated with my photography over the next few days. First – some facts about me. 1. I do photography and video for a living. It’s the best and although it’s not super comfortable and scary sometimes, I love it. 2. My favorite place I’ve been to is Alaska. It blew my mind and I am trying to get back there asap. If you ever have the chance to go, go. 3. My favorite artists would probably be Bon Iver, Ben Howard, and Gregory Alan Isakov. No particular order. Excited to share more with you guys soon! Photo taken by @beccatapert

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