Instagram Takeover: Erick Urgiles


Whenever we can, we have photographers takeover our Instagram page for a weekend to talk music and show how their photography is #InspiredBySound. This past weekend we had Erick Urgiles (@erickhercules) takeover and levitate everything. See either our feed or below on how music inspires his photography.

Good morning guys! This is erick (@erickhercules) welcoming you to my weekend takeover for Grado’s #inspiredBySound! Super stoked to share some things about me as well as to let you guys know which songs inspire and spark my creativity. Let’s start by Seinabo Say’s “younger”. The chorus that follows her very thoughtful lyrics goes; “when you know you’re not getting any younger, are you? “. This small portion of the song really made me question what I was really doing with my life. It inspired me to live life to the fullest as much as possible one day at a time. One day you’ll look back and realize that time went by super fast, so in the meantime you should take as many possibilities to live as possible!

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