Instagram Visits Grado Labs

We built some Grados, talked music, talked photography, and drank some water.

A few months ago, Jonathan Grado was sitting in a Chicago restaurant late on a Friday night getting ready to pay and head back to his hotel. While he was waiting for the check, he saw he was tagged on Instagram on a year + old photo. Turns out the photo was from Mike Krieger, co-founder of Instagram. If you’ve been with Grado for the past few years, you’ll know we only started on Instagram less than a year ago. Side note: if you’ve been with us for the past 62 years though, we’re in love with you. 

Headphones on, new Arcade Fire album on. See you tomorrow.

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Jonathan sent Mike a message, not expecting a response. It was more of a shot in the dark. Well, he expected wrong. Mike messaged him back in under a minute. He had saved up from his first college job to buy himself a pair of SR60. Two weeks later, Mike and his good friend Zach Lara visited us here in Brooklyn. They got to build their own headphones, check out the Listening Room, and relax. We didn’t have our Fuji with us so these are some of the only shots we were able to get. Thanks for stopping by guys!

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Instagram Founder Mike Krieger at Grado Labs
Instagram Mike Founder at Grado
Instagram Mike Founder at Grado